City Hall Dinner Menu

chef2We’ve received a few enquiries re the Dinner Menu on Vienna Cup night – just to confirm…

The meal will be a 4 course “SET MENU” taken directly from the First Class Dinner Menu on RMS Titanic.

However, on the night there will be a vegetarian option, and limited options for each of the other courses – there will NOT be a full kitchen.

So in the interim, if anyone has a genuine concern or health issues with any of
the menu below, we would ask that you contact us at by Saturday 11th October and our caterers will do their very best to accommodate.

  • First Course – Cream of Barley Soup
  • Second Course – Salmon with Mousseline Sauce & Cucumber
  • Third Course – Fillet Mignons Lili
  • Dessert – Waldorf Pudding (apples, raisins and a dash of ginger cooked, heated with custard and topped with fresh cream)…  yum yum 🙂
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