Glentoran Community Trust would like to invite all members to our next Annual General Meeting, to be held at the Oval on Tuesday 14th May 2019, with a prompt 7pm start.

The meeting will afford members an opportunity to bring themselves up to date with GCT affairs and most recent accounts.
Additionally, it is no coincidence that the date of this years AGM falls between the Glentoran FC Information Meeting on 8th May, and the Glentoran FC EGM on 16th May. The timing of our own AGM will give Trust members the fullest opportunity to be briefed on whatever investor/takeover proposals are to be put before GFC Shareholders at the EGM. GCT members will decide on the night how best to utilise the GCT Shareholding in any EGM vote.

GCT representatives on the Glentoran Board, John Moore and Richard McGuinness will also be in attendance.

Whilst we fully understand that 3 meetings in 7 days may be a tough call for those members who are also shareholders at GFC, given the gravity of the situation, and possibly the very future of Glentoran Football Club in the balance, we would urge ALL members to make a special effort to attend.

Glentoran Community Trust were formed to help give Glentoran supporters more of a say in the running of Glentoran Football Club, there is a huge decision to be made at the forthcoming Glentoran EGM, and Glentoran Community Trust members will have a huge say in the outcome.

Please remember you must be a member of the GCT to attend, but membership renewal fees can be paid either online in advance via the Join/Renew link above, or by payment at the door on the night.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 14th May.

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