GCT Special General Meeting


Members are invited to a Glentoran Community Trust Special General Meeting on Thursday 25th November 2021. The meeting will be held at the clubrooms of Raven Glentoran Supporters Club, The Raven Club, 13 Castlereagh Street (Corner of Castlereagh St and The Mount). The meeting will commence at 7.30pm.

Due to the lengthy impact of the Covid pandemic, we are making a special dispensation for this meeting. This invitation is open for all those whose GCT membership has been valid at any time since year 2019-20, ie if you have made any membership payment since 1st July 2019 you are eligible to attend. If you are unsure as to whether or not this qualifies you, please email info@gctni.com for clarification. All those members who pay by standing order can of course consider their memberships current.

The Special General Meeting is being called to debate and decide on the current position and future of Glentoran Community Trust. Proposals on the direction of the Trust may well be made on the night and a vote/s may be required, you are strongly advised to make best efforts to attend.

Because of the nature of the meeting, and potential for a vote/s, we will not be accepting renewal payments forthwith nor on the night of the meeting. Members who are unable to attend may proxy their vote to another member by informing the Trust Secretary by emailing info@gctni.com no later than the eve of the meeting of 25th November 2021.

A lot has changed since Glentoran Community Trust became a legal entity on 15th May 2006, not least of which that Glentoran Football Club has now been sold and is operating as a private business model. This has significantly changed how the clubs’ former owners / shareholders can now represent and influence positive decision making at Glentoran Football Club, and is proving an increasingly challenging situation for the GCT.

Such a dramatic shift in the ownership model understandably brings changes, but also now calls into question the role of Glentoran Community Turst, and whether we can continue to be an active and welcome participant at Glentoran Football Club. The GCT board believe a conversation now needs to take place amongst members, revisiting the merits, aims and objectives of 2006, and whether the Glentoran Community Trust of over 15 years ago is indeed still fit for purpose today.

We would ask all those attending the meeting on Thursday 25th November to please observe all social distancing and safety guidelines which may be required at that time.

We look forward to welcoming you there.

Le Jeu Avant Tout

Glentoran Community Trust Board

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