Richard McGuinness, a Glentoran Community Trust representative to the Glentoran Board, has, as of Monday 9th September 2019, tendered his resignation as Financial Director and Board Member of Glentoran Recreation Company.

Richard was one of 3 Directors representing “GFC1882” (the old Glentoran Recreation Company) on new owner Ali Pour’s board of 7.

Richard deserves immense credit for not only helping Glentoran Football Club survive over the past 5 years, but for the pivotal role he played in securing the recent takeover deal. The time and effort involved as a volunteer these last few years has been phenomenal, and Richard departs his most recent role with the utmost respect and gratitude of everyone here at the GCT.

Richard remains as a GCT representative on the board of GFC 1882, and retains the fullest support of Glentoran Community Trust.

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