GCT Special General Meeting


Members are invited to a Glentoran Community Trust Special General Meeting on Thursday 25th November 2021. The meeting will be held at the clubrooms of Raven Glentoran Supporters Club, The Raven Club, 13 Castlereagh Street (Corner of Castlereagh St and The Mount). The meeting will commence at 7.30pm.

Due to the lengthy impact of the Covid pandemic, we are making a special dispensation for this meeting. This invitation is open for all those whose GCT membership has been valid at any time since year 2019-20, ie if you have made any membership payment since 1st July 2019 you are eligible to attend. If you are unsure as to whether or not this qualifies you, please email info@gctni.com for clarification. All those members who pay by standing order can of course consider their memberships current.

The Special General Meeting is being called to debate and decide on the current position and future of Glentoran Community Trust. Proposals on the direction of the Trust may well be made on the night and a vote/s may be required, you are strongly advised to make best efforts to attend.

Because of the nature of the meeting, and potential for a vote/s, we will not be accepting renewal payments forthwith nor on the night of the meeting. Members who are unable to attend may proxy their vote to another member by informing the Trust Secretary by emailing info@gctni.com no later than the eve of the meeting of 25th November 2021.

A lot has changed since Glentoran Community Trust became a legal entity on 15th May 2006, not least of which that Glentoran Football Club has now been sold and is operating as a private business model. This has significantly changed how the clubs’ former owners / shareholders can now represent and influence positive decision making at Glentoran Football Club, and is proving an increasingly challenging situation for the GCT.

Such a dramatic shift in the ownership model understandably brings changes, but also now calls into question the role of Glentoran Community Turst, and whether we can continue to be an active and welcome participant at Glentoran Football Club. The GCT board believe a conversation now needs to take place amongst members, revisiting the merits, aims and objectives of 2006, and whether the Glentoran Community Trust of over 15 years ago is indeed still fit for purpose today.

We would ask all those attending the meeting on Thursday 25th November to please observe all social distancing and safety guidelines which may be required at that time.

We look forward to welcoming you there.

Le Jeu Avant Tout

Glentoran Community Trust Board

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Over the last decade, the Glentoran Community Trust has built up a strong and close relationship with Ruby’s Bar, Dundonald. As a community totally reliant on the dedication, courage and conviction of all our NHS staff and key workers in these uncertain times, we were delighted to hear that the car park facilities at Ruby’s were now being used as an overspill for Ulster Hospital staff.

Glentoran Captain Marcus Kane with the GCT’s Ronnie Hoy, together with GCT reps to the GFC1882 Board, John Moore & Colin Davidson

Working in conjunction with the proprietors of Ruby’s, we have been afforded the opportunity to use the billboard at the car park to express our thanks, and that of the wider community, for the sacrifice these incredible people are making for us.

Last week, the board of the GCT commissioned this poster, designed by lifelong Glentoran supporter and Trust member Clifford Logan, to be displayed along the Belfast approach to the Ulster Hospital. We hope that it in some way raises the spirits of all those fighting on our behalf on the front line.

Stay safe, stay well, and thank you all.

The board of the Glentoran Community Trust.

Photographs by Pacemaker, with thanks once again to Ruby’s Bar Dundonald, Clifford Logan and Northside Graphics.


New GCT Board Rep

GCT member Colin Davidson has been elected to serve as a Glentoran Community Trust representative on the GFC1882 Board, replacing Richard McGuinness, who recently stepped down from all his official Glentoran FC roles. Colin will take his place alongside the GCT’s other representative John Moore.

Colin, a member of the GCT since inception, should need no introduction to most of you, he is also a long-standing member of the Raven Glentoran Supporters Club, and the drive behind the recent and very successful “Glentoran Players Fund”.

Held in very high regard by everyone here on the Glentoran Community Trust Board, we would place on record our sincere thanks to Colin for accepting his new role, and are delighted to have him represent the members of the Trust.

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Richard McGuinness, a Glentoran Community Trust representative to the Glentoran Board, has, as of Monday 9th September 2019, tendered his resignation as Financial Director and Board Member of Glentoran Recreation Company.

Richard was one of 3 Directors representing “GFC1882” (the old Glentoran Recreation Company) on new owner Ali Pour’s board of 7.

Richard deserves immense credit for not only helping Glentoran Football Club survive over the past 5 years, but for the pivotal role he played in securing the recent takeover deal. The time and effort involved as a volunteer these last few years has been phenomenal, and Richard departs his most recent role with the utmost respect and gratitude of everyone here at the GCT.

Richard remains as a GCT representative on the board of GFC 1882, and retains the fullest support of Glentoran Community Trust.

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GCT oversee WW2 Pillbox restoration

Commissioned by Glentoran Community Trust


Job done. Three full days work at the Oval in awful conditions and an incredible effort by the men of the 71 Engineer Regiment, 591 Field Squadron (Portadown detachment) to restore the Oval pill box to its original condition on its construction in the summer of 1940.

All weeds have been removed, a path has been cleared through the overgrown shrubbery so that you can walk around the building, brickwork cleaned inside and out, rubble removed from the interior, graffiti cleaned,dangerous metal work made good, ceiling shored up and retained, sandbag entrance constructed, door built and the plaque removed from the building and reconstitued in a sandbag plinth.

On behalf of the whole Glentoran family we’d like to thank the Portadown troop for everything they’ve done, they brought all the tools equipment and materials with them with the exception of 1 tonne of sand provided by the Ladas Drive division of Haldane Fisher to whom we’d also like to extend our gratitude.

As there have recently been instances of anti social behaviour up at the hill we’ve locked the new door and we’ll leave a key with the secretary should anyone like a look around inside.

Not only is the pill box part of our history, it’s also part of the history of east Belfast. The stadium is often open so it would be great to see the local community calling in.

The plan in conjunction with the parent club, as we approach the 70th anniversary of Glentoran returning home, is to invite the men responsible for the restoration back to the Oval as our guests, we know they’ll be made very welcome and to invite everyone to take a new look at an old familiar piece of our history.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on what has been another enjoyable and worthwhile project.

For it’s back to the Oval we go.

Le Jeu Avant Tout.

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Glentoran Community Trust would like to invite all members to our next Annual General Meeting, to be held at the Oval on Tuesday 14th May 2019, with a prompt 7pm start.

The meeting will afford members an opportunity to bring themselves up to date with GCT affairs and most recent accounts.
Additionally, it is no coincidence that the date of this years AGM falls between the Glentoran FC Information Meeting on 8th May, and the Glentoran FC EGM on 16th May. The timing of our own AGM will give Trust members the fullest opportunity to be briefed on whatever investor/takeover proposals are to be put before GFC Shareholders at the EGM. GCT members will decide on the night how best to utilise the GCT Shareholding in any EGM vote.

GCT representatives on the Glentoran Board, John Moore and Richard McGuinness will also be in attendance.

Whilst we fully understand that 3 meetings in 7 days may be a tough call for those members who are also shareholders at GFC, given the gravity of the situation, and possibly the very future of Glentoran Football Club in the balance, we would urge ALL members to make a special effort to attend.

Glentoran Community Trust were formed to help give Glentoran supporters more of a say in the running of Glentoran Football Club, there is a huge decision to be made at the forthcoming Glentoran EGM, and Glentoran Community Trust members will have a huge say in the outcome.

Please remember you must be a member of the GCT to attend, but membership renewal fees can be paid either online in advance via the Join/Renew link above, or by payment at the door on the night.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 14th May.

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Glentoran Community Trust (Glentoran Supporters Society Ltd), will be held at The Oval on Wednesday 23rd May 2018, 7.30pm start.

Please remember you must be a member of the GCT to attend, but membership
renewal fees can be paid either online in advance via the Join/Renew link above, or by payment at the door on the night.

Regards – GCT Board

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GCT help bring Robbie McDaid to Glentoran FC

The board and membership of the Glentoran Community Trust are delighted to have beenRobbie McDaid1 able to assist Glentoran Football Club and team manager Gary Haveron with the financing and acquisition of centre forward Robbie McDaid yesterday. Over the summer the Trust have been in constant contact with Gary as he sought to strengthen the squad and Robbie was highlighted as a player he was very keen to secure the services of.

Robbie McDaid4The Trust’s membership have made a substantial five figure commitment (our largest ever) to the deal which brings the total Glentoran Community Trust contribution to players wages, club sponsorship and ground improvements to an eye watering £48,000 since its inception.

Additionally the Glentoran Community Trust had made donations to local charities and worthy causes in excess of £20,000 over the same period.

Robbie McDaid3At the same time the Trust continue to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage of Glentoran Football by organising events around historical milestones such as the Belfast Blitz and the Vienna Cup centenary. This aspect of the Trust’s commitment will continue with further events in the pipeline for the near future.

Robbie McDaid2Pictured before last night’s game alongside Glentoran’s latest acquisition Robbie McDaid are Glentoran Community Trust members Stephen Gorman and his son Dean, Andrew Veighey and his son Jack, Ray Cordner, John Moore, James Leebody, Wilson Bouvaird and Jim Welsh, with Glentoran manager Gary Haveron and club director Ian Kerr.

The Trust’s capacity to continue to assist the club only exists because of a strong and vibrant membership and to this end membership applications and renewals remain open at all times and can be made by visiting the join/renew section of our website above.

Thank you all once again for your tremendous support.

All photographs are provided courtesy of Colm Lenaghan / Pacemaker.

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Mervyn Jones

Mervyn2It is with the deepest sadness that we have learned today of the passing of GCT Treasurer Mervyn Jones.

A life-long and active Glenman, Mervyn had been involved with the GCT from the very start, indeed, as a Belfast City Councillor, he became interested in the Glens search for a new stadium, and joined the “Rest in East” campaign group as far back as 2003. When the GCT was born in 2006 Mervyn was then one of the first to sign up, and was elected to the GCT Board in 2008, before assuming the role of Treasurer some 6 years ago. His assistance to the GCT at Belfast City Hall has been invaluable.

When not at his beloved Oval on a Saturday however, Mervyn would travel to get his other football fix, watching Sunderland. He had also been a member of the Alliance Party for over 40 years, and represented the East Belfast wards of Victoria and Ormiston on Belfast City Council.

He will be sorely missed by everyone here at Glentoran Community Trust, and our deepest sympathy goes out to his 3 sons, Graham, Timothy and Ian, and to his extended family.

A very sad day indeed.

Funeral service will be held at Roselawn crematorium, 4pm on Tuesday 6th June.

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… By Sam Robinson

sam-book-coverwebSix months ago I found myself down at the Oval football stadium on a perfect sunny evening in late May. I was responding to a plea made to supporters by the groundsman to help him water the pitch. The kind of thing you don’t get to do at the Bernabeu.

After a time, whilst standing out in the centre circle watching the sun lighting the drops of water falling onto the pitch, I got a bit lost in reminiscing about all the days and nights I’d spent down here and of the good times and not so good I’d shared with everyone who has gravitated just like me, down Mersey Street and through these turnstiles over the last half a century.

The story of the Oval and of its people is one of perseverance, foresight, tragedy, murder, political intrigue, community spirit, civil unrest, war and peace, highs and lows, and success against the odds.

“THERE’S A GREEN SWARD CALLED THE OVAL” is available to pre-order online from today.

Despite a lot of advice to the contrary from the professionals, I have kept the price of what is a compilation of over 72,000 words in addition to 64 pages of photographs (some of which have never been seen before) to just £10. The ‘Official’ launch of the book , is set for a number of events in November and December, but as of today you can pre-order and purchase your copy here online at GCTni.com. Books will be ready for collection, and posting will begin, from Thursday 24th November. The book will also be available from a number of other outlets, which will be posted on here in due course.

There are no plans for a pricey re-print folks, once the initial stock is gone that’s it, so if you want one it might be wise to get your order in now.

Le Jeu Avant Tout

Sam Robinson.

For more on the book and to order your copy click HERE

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